Alhaurin de la Torre prison warden injured

Flickr, Montuno

AN Alhaurin de la Torre prison warden has been injured pulling two fighting inmates apart, the prison authorities have reported.

As wardens were opening cells up first thing in the morning, the Penitentiary Institution Administration (Acaip) reported, when the two inmates started fighting with broken broom handles.

The warden, Acaip said, immediately went to separate them and although his arm was wounded in the process, managed to get hold of one and take him to the security area.

The authority praised the warden’s quick, effective actions which avoided any inmates being injured or a difficult situation arising.

Both inmates have since been placed in isolation.

Acaip meanwhile complained that conflicts are on the up within the jail with evermore serious episodes occurring and said there is insufficient staff at the centre, meaning wardens are forced to face this type of dangerous situation alone.


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