Now you can lose the inches without surgery or dieting


DO you have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t shift no matter what you do? Does exercise do nothing to banish your bingo wings or tighten your tummy? Have your thighs remained stubbornly untouched by dieting?

If you answered yes, help is at hand. Because now you can get rid of hard-to-shift fat pockets, that diet and exercise will not touch, and shape and contour your body without resorting to surgery and it is all thanks to Exilis Elite, an award-winning radio-frequency body contouring device, being used at Medcare Aesthetics in Benijofar.

Exilis is favoured by celebrities and is popular at top clinics in the US and UK. British-run Medcare Aesthetics is the only clinic on the Costa Blanca offering Exilis treatments.

Medcare’s patients are thrilled with the results they are getting from Exilis Elite. One patient, Anne, told us she lost an incredible 7.5cm from around her waist: “I have always had a problem with belly fat, having had children and a hysterectomy,” said Anne: “So I was very interested when I heard about Exilis Elite, a treatment that melts fat and at the same time improves skin texture. It worked brilliantly and I am very happy to lose so much from my waist.”

Using highly controlled radio-frequency and ultrasound, Exilis Elite heats layers of fat below the skin and destroys the fat cell walls, allowing liquid fat to escape. The body’s lymphatic system then dispels the fat from the body.

Treatment is completely non-invasive and pain free. Hand pieces are massaged over the treatment area and the patient simply feels a warming sensation, that some have likened to a hot-stone massage.
Because the device tones skin as well as melting fat, it can also be used on the face and neck to give a smoothing and lifting effect.

Medcare patient, Beverley was considering facelift surgery, when the Medcare doctor suggested she try Exilis: “The difference was incredible. After about two sessions I could already start to see tightening,” said Beverley: “By the time I finished the treatment, the area down from the nose, the saggy cheek bit, really lifted. Even my neck has improved. I have absolutely no need for facelift surgery now.”

Anyone who wants to know more about Exilis Elite can book a free appointment with Medcare Aesthetics.

Call 966 860 258, or email [email protected]
Medcare Aesthetics is the only British aesthetics clinic on the Costa Blanca, and its doctors, nurses, surgeons and aesthetics specialists offer a range of treatments for the face and body. Visit to find out more.


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