Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest


After his landslide victory, the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, begins the task of creating a shadow cabinet to take on the Tories, and has promised to lead a Labour “fightback” after being elected the party’s new leader on Saturday, September 12.

Although he was a 200-1 outside bet to win at the beginning of the campaign, his popularity grew quickly on a magic carpet of fervour for his anti-austerity message and assurances to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons, as well as promises to renationalise the railways and major utilities.

Corbyn said shortly afterwards in a speech, “We don’t have to be unequal. It does not have to be unfair, poverty isn’t inevitable. Things can, and they will change”.

The changes will have to start with the reformation of his cabinet due to a setback after a number of senior politicians rule themselves out of serving in his shadow cabinet.

His first act as leader was to attend a “refugees welcome here” rally, joining tens of thousands of people marching through central London in support of the rights of refugees.



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