Dramatic situation for greenhouse owners in the Costa Tropical

Flickr. Jose Antonio Martin Quesada

AFTER the strong rains left a trail of destruction across greenhouses in Albuñol (Costa Tropical) owners will now have to face the negative consequences.

More than a hundred fields located along the stream of Barranco de las Angosturas suffered major damage when the river overflowed.

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“Only in Albuñol, we have at least 40 hectares of greenhouses affected, but other Costa Tropical areas’ damages have not been yet counted as some of the roads were cut off during the rains and maintenance services are still retrieving waste,” said Provincial Secretary of Agriculture and Stockbreeder Associations (COAG), Miguel Monferrer.

The most worrying factor, according to the Mr Monferrer, is that not even 5 per cent of all those affected had insurance to cover the damages, which means that they have lost practically everything.

“Most owners were planting the goods or had just done it, and were about to hire insurance, as the process usually goes,” said Monferrer, who continued: “But the floods have taken us by surprise.”


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