Unemployment back on the increase in Spain


AUGUST saw the overall loss of 134,000 jobs in Spain and the number of unemployed people increased by 21,679, which was almost three times that of the previous year.

Overall the number of registered unemployed is still over four million, of which about half receive an average payment from the state of €770 per month, although budget cuts may see either the amount paid fall or the ability to qualify for help become more stringent.

In contrast Britain’s unemployment rate has fallen faster than elsewhere in Europe over the past two years, dropping to 5.6 per cent although this may be due to an increase in self-employed and zero-hour contracts.

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  1. Yes, but we always knew this would be the case after the summer.
    Two main differences the UK employment grows, it is not a bureaucratic nightmare to employ someone in the UK as it is in Spain and employing someone in the UK is cheaper than the actual cost of employing someone here in Spain. I really don’t see the attraction in having to pay someone when they are not working, ‘one’ days pay for ‘one’ days work.

    One thing I will say though is the living wage in the UK ‘when it comes in’ will slow down employment in the UK if not reverse it. Many of the small companies I deal with there tell me they are having to rethink their structuring and if it might be worth actually downsizing as this will take away from already small profits that they make in certain areas.
    I am a great believer in it being better that more people are employed for less than less people employed for more.


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