School dinner confusion reigns in Alicante


ALTHOUGH school dinners from day one of the new academic year was one of the main novelties this September, 10 per cent of Alicante Province schools will not be providing them for the first week due to organisation issues.

Lists of pupils with grants provided arrived in time, but school directors at some centres decided parents would not have heard the news and would therefore not be expecting the service straight away, leading them to decide to delay the start.

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Meanwhile in poverty-stricken areas, where all pupils are awarded dinner grants at many schools, parents were overjoyed at the news that their offspring would be fed but rather confused by the fact it would not be happening immediately.

To make matters even more confusing, those with transport grants found that although classes finished at 1pm, buses would be leaving at 3pm meaning those not having school dinners for whatever reason would be left hanging about for two hours to get the bus.


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