Man injured after being dragged by car in Benalmadena

Flickr, Terry Whalebone - CC. 2.0
Benalmadena, Parque de la Paloma

A BENALMADENA man has suffered considerable injuries after fighting to hang onto his briefcase, which a passenger of a passing car tried to grab.

The man, who lives in Benal Beach, told police officers that a small red car with two people inside stopped next to him near Parque de la Paloma and one grabbed hold of his briefcase, which contained personal documents and possession.

The victim said he reacted by hanging on, and was dragged half a kilometre along Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca towards Arroyo de la Miel but eventually had to let go as the driver, rather than stopping, simply drove faster.


A witness called for help and an ambulance took the victim to hospital for his wounds to be treated, and the police are trying to identify the vehicle from witness’s descriptions.



  1. Years ago we got robbed in the same place. went to police but never heard anymore. This happened in our timeshare not on the road. Never trust anyone be on your guard never trust a man with a ponytail and a suit


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