America pauses to remember on the 14th anniversary of 9/11

Photo Credit Christopher Penler shutterstock
Memorial at Firehouse 10 next to Ground Zero New York

THE world watched in horror as scenes of destruction were broadcast from New York City on September 11, 2001 and now, 14 years later, the pain of this attack is felt across the USA.

On that fateful day, four planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda supporters. Two were flown into the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, one crashed into the Pentagon in Washington and the fourth crash-landed onto an empty field in Philadelphia.

By the end of the day, 2,977 people had been killed in the deadliest attack seen on American soil in modern times and a whole nation had woken up to the horror of indiscriminate terrorist attack.

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Ceremonies of remembrance will take place throughout America, some attracting huge crowds and others simply representing local people who remember those who were killed.

The site of the World Trade Center, referred to as Ground Zero where most of the victims were killed saw bagpipers and drummers provide solemn tunes to accompany the ceremony which remembered not just those trapped in the buildings but firefighters, police, paramedics and civilians who were caught in the aftermath.

The names of the dead were announced as those gathered read them out and there were moments of silence at the specific times when the planes struck and the towers tumbled.

The plaza was reserved for victims’ relatives and invited guests for the ceremony, but will be open for the public to pay their respects in the afternoon.

President Obama and the first lady were filmed with White House staff observing a moment of silence and he then left for Fort Meade in Maryland, in recognition of the military’s work to protect the country.

The Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville in western Pennsylvania has just opened its visitor centre in time for this day of sadness whilst at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and other officials joined in remembrances for victims’ relatives and Pentagon employees.


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