A dog’s life for dangerous breeds


ALMERIA CITY is not a good place for abandoned dogs classed as potentially dangerous.

A bylaw prevents the municipal shelter from accepting them and instead they are put down, to the dismay of local animal protection associations, who have repeatedly petitioned City Hall to reverse this.

Dog from dangerous breeds – or crosses – are doomed to be put down unless they are microchipped and can be returned to their owners. Their only future otherwise is a lethal injection within10 days.

For the past three years No Abandoned Animals (Anua) and associations like Huella Roja (Red Pawprint) have appealed to City Hall to change the rules. “When these dogs are taken to the centre, they should have the same chance of finding a family as the others,” Anua said.

More than 200 dogs belonging to dangerous breeds have been put down since this ruling was introduced in 2004, claimed David Alonso of Liberacion Animal. “That includes puppies denied the chance of being adopted and re-educated,” he said, adding that the Almeria City municipal dogs’ home is one of the few in Spain that continues to put down dogs belonging to dangerous breeds.


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