Drinking water in Jalon


AFTER TWO YEARS without drinking water on tap in some homes, completion of a new water pipe connection will finally carry drinking water to 100 per cent of the population based in Parcent and Jalon.

The inland village has been hit hard, suffering four months of complete water restrictions throughout the summer, where in some areas the water has been classified as unfit for consumption for over two years. However this is set to change in just two weeks once the new pipe connection and water treatment facility has been completed.

Although the whole area has experienced supply difficulties for some years, the problem was made a lot worse in April this year when analytical tests carried out by the public health authority in Denia detected a high degree of salinity, resulting in the supply from the well of Lliber that served 80 per cent of the population being cut. Leaks were also detected in the pipe system causing water shortages, and cuts to the supply to a number of houses.

The town hall has decided to renew a large section of the faulty pipes, an investment that will set them back around half a million euros and will commence this December.


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