Commonwealth governing team finally chosen

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Gregorio Campos

THE Commonwealth of Costa del Sol-Axarquia municipalities has finally chosen a governing team, after the elections were held back in May.

The PSOE socialist party is to govern this institution after drawing up an agreement with other three political forces as are left-wing party Izquierda Unida, Partido Andalucista (PA) and the independent party of Torre del Mar GIPMTMT.

The new four-way government will be made up of 14 representatives from PSOE, four from IU, three from PA and one from GIPMT, while the 17 representatives from the Partido Popular (PP) conservative party –which have had control of the institution for four years – will remain in opposition.


The president’s position has gone to Mayor of Iznate, Gregorio Campos.

“I take this position with great excitement and knowing that since the 31 towns of the Axarquia region joined the commonwealth, we are working for a common goal which is improving our region,” said the new president.

Campos said his government will try to move away from political conflict, and has asked the two opposition parties to be part of the new four-way governing team.



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