Almeria Councillor for Personnel resigns

Schumi4ever – Wikimedia Commons
Almeria City Hall

DISPLAYING an honesty not readily apparent in all politicians, Almeria City Councillor Nicasio Marin has resigned from his position as Councillor for Personnel.

He is to remain as a councillor but Marin, who was appointed after the May elections, is returning to his post as a doctor at Torrecardenas Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department.

It was a sensible decision to make, remarked Marin, who was formerly president of the Sindicato Medico association.


He would earn rather less than the personnel councillor ’s annual €64,000 but had come to the conclusion that he was not “sufficiently competent for such an eminently administrative post,” he announced.


  1. I just don’t see how how these people merit 64,000 a year, just not a wage that is proportionate in Spain compared to what the average is, anyway, at least there appears to be at least one person in the Spanish system with some character.


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