Water guaranteed in Costa del Sol

FEARS: Water reserves are lower than at this time last year.

FOLLOWING a long, hot, busy summer, September is here and water levels, although nothing to write home about, are sufficient to see the Costa through, the regional government has announced.

Although it has been a dry year and masses of tourists more than doubled the number of people using Malaga Province’s water supply, there will be enough to guarantee normal supplies for the next hydrological year regardless of how much it rains over the next few months, said Adolfo Moreno, Environmental Delegate for Malaga of the Junta de Andalucia regional government.

Reservoirs in the province are holding 371 cubic hectometres, 60.28 per cent of their total capacity, Moreno reported, which although is less than at this time last year will be plenty.


La Concepcion reservoir behind Marbella is at its highest level since 1996-1997, meaning the city has been able to switch off all but one of its eight desalination plant lines, saving heavy energy costs.

Although the numbers are not as good as they were last year, there is no cause for worry and the situation will be analysed in April-May after the wet season to see what can be expected next summer, Moreno said.



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