Proposals to provide free textbooks for children in the Valencia Region

SCHOOL BOOKS: Plans to provide free books for pupils.

THE Valencian Government is promoting a scheme to provide free textbooks for pupils.

Alicante City has responded to the news by saying they would need €2.3 million to promote free provision of textbooks to 34,000 primary and secondary school students of the city, in both public and semi-private centres.

Mayor Gabriel Echavarri said the council is looking for ways to fulfil its part of the deal as it endorses the plans by the regional president to implement a stronger scheme of providing free books within two years and offer aid to families.

The regional government intends to provide €100 grants to parents, with Alicante’s Councillor for Education Jose Maria Espuch saying: “At the moment there is no need to go to City Hall to purchase tickets for books.”

The councillor added that the schools themselves will inform families how to process the grant applications in time.

He said those families who had already purchased the school books for the new school term should keep the receipts to be able to receive the €100 grant before the end of the course.

The Ministry of Education has also announced plans that will involve a free set of books for pupils next year if they return textbooks in a good condition after this year’s studies.

Meanwhile, a report has revealed that the most expensive year for school books is for pupils entering the first year of primary. In this case, the average cost is €220.


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