Lighthouses reused in Torre del Mar

Flickr by Jose Carlos Castro

SEVERAL lighthouses in Torre del Mar are to be turned into museums to preserve the town’s cultural heritage.

A meeting was held amongst Deputy Mayor of Torre del Mar, Jesus Perez Atencia, and other councillors, to discuss the new use for the Torre del Mar lighthouses, as well as cleaning works and adaptation of the old lighthouse located in the area of Calle Copo and Avenida Tore Tore, also owned by the council.

Plans include the promotion of the cultural heritage of Torre del Mar within these facilities, by creating an interpretation centre inside the three lighthouses that are still standing, the surrounding areas, and the areas with older lighthouses used to be located.

“Many historical buildings in Torre del Mar have disappeared due to different causes, and we, at the town council, must fight to preserve our heritage,” said Perez.


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