Iberdrola look at power outages in Alicante

Flickr, paco segovia

THE Mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Echavarri, and the regional director of Iberdrola Cesar Calomarde, have held a meeting to discuss the problems caused by power outages that frequently occurred throughout summer in the city.

Echavarri was responding to concerns raised by local traders and catering establishments regarding the power outages, which was blamed on the high temperatures during those months.

The head of Iberdrola has stated that the company will proceed to replace the faulty electrical wiring in an attempt to minimise or eliminate these incidents in future, noting that the problem usually only persists when there are extreme weather conditions, such as during the heat of summer or when there is heavy rain.


  1. There’s an urbanisation in Calpe that has more blackouts than the rest of the town – everyone knows the wiring is rubbish but Ibedrola just keeps patching it up. Given the prices they charge, the least they could do is make the system fit for purpose.


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