Congratulations to HM Queen Elizabeth II, now our longest reigning monarch


BORN in 1926, Her Majesty has devoted her life to the service of Britain and continues to be an example to all, even in these cynical and sometimes dangerous times.

Although she might on occasion appear a little dour, the Queen is renowned for having a wicked sense of humour in private when with her family and even visiting dignitaries. The following example gives a taste of how she can even tease the most conservative of people, according to a former British Ambassador remembering a visit to Balmoral of Prince – later King – Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia.

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“The royal Land Rovers were drawn up in front of the castle. As instructed, the Crown Prince climbed into the front seat of the Land Rover, with his interpreter in the seat behind. To his surprise, the Queen climbed into the driving seat, turned on the ignition and drove off. Women are not—yet—allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and Abdullah was not used to being driven by a woman, let alone a queen.

His nervousness only increased as the Queen, an army driver in wartime, accelerated the Land Rover along the narrow Scottish estate roads, talking all the time. Through his interpreter, the Crown Prince implored the Queen to slow down and concentrate on the road ahead.”

Although, as she grows older, the Queen has cut down on her official appointments, the very fact that she has passed so many milestones, means that there seems to have been official celebrations almost every year recently with the accompanying need to continue to be in the public eye.

Her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 saw the Queen and Prince Philip sailing down the Thames on the Royal Barge ‘MV Spirit of Chartwell’ as part of a 670-boat flotilla in very cold and damp weather. They showed their determination to ensure that the crowds lining the route were not disappointed and after four hours in the rain, Prince Philip had to be admitted to hospital with an infection.

This is just one example of how the couple, who have been married for 68 years, have always considered duty over self.

The proprietors and staff of Euro Weekly News and we are sure, the majority of our readers, are delighted for Her Majesty and wish her a continued long and happy reign.


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