Water damage in Almuñecar


THE intense rain registered on Monday (September 7) in Almuñecar and La Herradura has left a lot of damage in its wake.

At 10am, water from the rivers Seco, Vede and Jata was discharged into the sea, after they overflowed. Dozens of calls were registered at the Local Police and Fire Brigade stations from residents who were seeing gutters clogged by rubbish or leaves.

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“Fortunately, the intense rain has not lasted for long, otherwise it would have caused significant damage,” said a spokesperson for Almuñecar Fire Brigade, who continued: “However, we have had to attend different places for floods in the areas of Avenida Costa del Sol, Principe de Asturias, the Paseo Velilla and Rambla Caballero, amongst others.”


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