Watch out for housing scams


A REPORT concerning a roofing scam has been received from Benitachell which unfortunately falls into the same category as improper checking of gas connections and cheap asphalt.

It appears that a person, thought to be of German origin and driving a Mercedes car, called on a couple in Valle de Portet advising that he was in the area working on roofs and had spotted that they had some loose tiles.

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It was agreed that he should return with a ladder and undertake what should have been simple repairs. But in the event it appears that the man actually damaged the perfectly intact roof and then tried to charge an exorbitant sum for his so-called work.

The angry couple were alert enough to refuse to pay and sent him on his way, but are now left facing a bill to repair the damage that he caused.

It is clearly very important that great care is taken when approached by people who claim to be working in the area and offering to assist with a previous unknown problem. Always ask for a quote and if an offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is!


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