Valencia City reduces speed limit


The inner ring-ring that takes vehicles through the historic centre of Valencia will now have speed restriction imposed of 30 kilometres per hour with immediate effect in a bid to calm traffic.

The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó said the new speed limit was to increase safety within the busy city centre, to help prevent accidents, reduce traffic and environmental pollution as well as to allow easier access for pedestrians, ultimately boosting local trade.

Ribó, who no longer wishes to see the historic centre being used as a means to travel from one side of the city to the other, has implied that this is a first step in achieving a system similar to that of the city of London, whereby only authorised vehicles are permitted to circulate, effectively turning the historical centre into a pedestrian zone, an idea that is becoming more popular in many busy cities around the world.

Ribo admits that there is still work to be done in order for the scheme to be successful, including the completion of two car parks located in the central market and Plaza de la Reina.

There are also plans for bicycle paths around the city, including improvements in bicycle crossings and doubling the width of the current paths to allow cyclists to travel in both directions.


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