Storms cause flooding, landslides and washes away cars in Vega Baja

Photo by Penny Crean
RAIN DAMAGE: La Zenia beach suffers rain damage

THE Vega Baja registered overnight on Saturday September 5, more than 75 litres per square metre of rainfall.

The torrential rain caused road closures and some damage especially on the coast.

In the case of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, the rain recorded tripled the amount collected throughout the year. According to the Meteorological Agency and data from Torrevieja’s Mastral Project, up to 78 litres per square metre of rainfall was collected in the rain gauge network in the district of Aguas Nuevas.


The CV-905, one of the main access roads into Torrevieja, was closed to traffic from 3.30am on Sunday morning until after 7am due to flooding of several lanes in both directions, disrupting traffic in the area of Carrefour at the roundabouts of Los Altos del Limonar and Las Torretas.

Several cars were swept away by the force of the water.

Following the floods, Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon attributed the floods to a “General Plan that has grown enormously, but lacks something as essential and a priority for the city as a network of rainwater drainage networks, something we have been denouncing for years.” He said the only solution to the problem is in implementing the widening of the N332 which would help “absorb all the water collected in the city,” and the mayor has called for a meeting with the ministry to discuss the project.

On the Orihuela Costa, Local Police were deployed to close the under bridge pass from the town hall to Flamenca beach, an area which suffers from flooding during heavy rains. Access to the La Glea walkway on Campoamor beach was also closed. Landslides were reported in Orihuela and Benejuzar.

Despite the flooding and damage to the environment and vehicles, there were no reported injuries following the weekend downpours.



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