Safer conditions for busy road crossing


PEDESTRIANS will not need to pluck up courage to cross Marbella’s Avenida Ricardo Soriano soon thanks to a new traffic-light controlled crossing due to be built.

Mobility delegate Miguel Diaz announced that a project has been created by popular demand to create the new crossing on the stretch between Calle Calvario and Plaza Joaquin Gomez Aguera, which will take three weeks and should not affect traffic.

The work, with an estimated cost of €27,000, will be paid for by CISE SA, the company in charge of traffic-light maintenance in the city.

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  1. Pedestrian crossings in Spain in general are a mess and seem to follow the general Spanish way of doing things, driving through Fuengirola alone and you will find 3 types of pedestrian crossings, red and white lines, white lines as most Europeans will know, white rectangular cubes running in a line… does it not make sense to generalise on a zebra crossing and is the reason that other northern countries do this not so they are instantly recognisable? I have seen one type on one corner and another type on the adjoining corner! I feel this is just another reason the Spanish method of doing things does not work, people seem to make up regulations as they go along which makes everything confusing, maybe the EU needs to make this clear to them as they certainly don’t seem to have realised this.


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