Rescue centre supporter wins gold at Special Olympics

GOLD MEDALS: Georgina riding Dakar in the 2015 World Games in LA

A YOUNG British equestrian who spends her summers riding at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales has won three gold medals at the Los Angeles Special Olympics World Games.

Georgina Maton, aged 25, was part of Great Britain’s squad of more than 100 athletes with learning disabilities and competed against 170 other countries in the 2015 World Games held in the summer.

Georgina won gold in equitation, dressage and working trail. She said: “I find lots of things hard and have had some difficult times in my life like school, but I understand horses and they don’t judge me.”


Georgina, who has been riding since the age of five, is a strong supporter of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre after riding there while her family holidays in Spain. Speaking from LA, Georgina praised the rescue centre for its important animal welfare work: “The staff are friendly and the horses are relaxed, well cared for and enjoy their environment. I’m happy they stop people mistreating horses and care for them.”

Easy Horse Care relies solely on donations to fund its work and now houses more than 90 horses, ponies and donkeys, many rescued from terrible situations of abuse and neglect.

For more information or to volunteer call Sue Weeding on 652 021 980.


  1. the Easyhorse Rescue Centre dies the most fantastic work. I volunteer there when ever I am in Spain and enjoy every minute. If you can just give a couple of hours it all helps even in a small way.


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