Paloma breaks the Faith in Gibraltar

Photo Credit Featureflash shutterstock
Paloma Faith

APPEARING on stage at the Gibraltar Music Festival, one of the main attractions, Paloma Faith managed to alienate the entire audience with two little words ‘Hola España’.

THE reaction from the crowd on Saturday September 6 was an immediate round of boos and jeers, especially as Gibraltar National Day was due to be celebrated just a few days later.

Although born in London, her father is Spanish which may explain her other observation that ‘It’s great to be in a place that’s half English and half Spanish’ which was also poorly received and it was only after her second song that someone came on stage and explained the mistakes that she had made.

Known as a somewhat eccentric performer, she is reported to have spent the next five minutes or so apologising in a somewhat confused manner for her mistake.

After her performance ended without further problems, she issued two tweets to her followers who number over 500,000. The first stated ‘If I offended anyone tonight in Gibraltar about their heritage, Im sorry I come in peace!|only bring love’.

The second tweet said ‘I just wish that people could be kinder to one another and more compassionate and forgiving. There’s too much anger in the world already’.

Whilst many were prepared to accept her apology, others tweeted angrily that she had ‘insulted an entire population’ and ‘It was not a mistake it was a complete lack of tact and respect. no excuses’.

Apart from this unfortunate incident, the sellout festival which attracted an audience of 14,000 was a great success.


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