La Herradura student goes to the US


LA HERRADURA-BORN student Alba Ruiz Molina has won a scholarship that has changed her life completely.

The 16-year-old girl has moved to the USA and started following the penultimate year of her studies at the Goodpasture Christina School, located in Nashville (Tennessee), thanks to the scholarship granted by the Amancio Ortega Foundation.

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Ruiz Molina, who previously attended the public school Las Gaviotas and later the La Herradura secondary school, is now one of the 100 Spanish students who have been granted with the opportunity to be trained in the US, thanks to this scholarship.

“To obtain this scholarship, which covers the travel, support expenses and school fees of the student, the foundation took into account her excellent marks, the results she had in the English language, as well as her family’s income,” said La Herradura secondary school director, Luis Javier Contreras.

Alba was chosen from among 6,000 students through a selection process carried out in Malaga and Sevilla, as well as a Skype personal interview.

The organisers of the project said it was designed to get students completely immersed in the North American culture, as they will live with a local family, and she is not allowed to travel back to Spain or receive visits.

“Alba is thrilled and excited at her new school and with her family. It is a dream come true for her,” said Alba’s mother, Carmen Molina.


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