From bins to ‘Binions’ in Peacehaven


A very creative resident of Peacehaven, East Sussex, has given rubbish bins in the town a makeover to create ‘Binions’.

The measure has been very well received by the town’s residents as they consider it has “put joy into the community”. Some residents even deem it worthy of genius as passers-by cannot avoid smiling at these friendly figures’ faces.

Nobody knows who is behind the prank that came to light on Monday morning. One of the locals stated: “We have no idea who is responsible or why they have done it, but it is quite amusing. People have been going around trying to find all 10 of them.”


Even though considered ‘creative vandalism’ by a spokeswoman from Lewes District Council, she also went on to say that “anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing.”



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