Angela Merkel, new Arabic Saint?


German Chancellor Merkel’s leadership in the refugee crisis has made her the hero of the Arabs. It has completely changed the image they had of her, of a relentless politician with no heart, to a saviour, a hero.

Thousands of refugees have crossed the Hungary-Austria border to get to Germany this week, right after Merkel announced that they would be welcome. On foot or on buses, they carried posters of the German Chancellor proclaiming “Merkel is our mother”.

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The effigy of the German leader has flooded social networks with imaginative photomontages. She has been represented with hearts, three-coloured flags and inscriptions promising her eternal love in German and Arabic. She has been put on a pedestal, proclaimed the ‘Mother Teresa of Europe’, ‘Auntie Merkel’ (a respectful reference used by Arabs for mature women).


  1. Most of us who read and write the ‘alternative media’ (the truth!) know that the immigration ‘problem’ is 100% contrived. The western political ‘leaders’ are responsible for the situation that these ‘refugees’ find themselves in, in their ‘home’ countries. Of course, we are all also aware that these leaders are mere puppets to the ‘elite’ few. Merkel is a major puppet playing her part.
    The refugees are fleeing a phenomenon called ISIS, ISIL or IS, take your pick. There is irrefutable evidence that ISIS was created by and is supported and financed by ‘Western’ (and a Middle Eastern) governments and ‘secret services’. Many of ISIS’s ‘atrocities’ have been proven false and are clearly Western backed propaganda aimed at instilling fear and Islamophobia in the ‘European’ public. It’s working.
    Now, why they are doing this is well known, and if anyone would like to know, just reply here and an explanation will posted, if allowed by the censors!

  2. Not sure why healthy young men can be refugees. They should all be rounded up and trained to fight and go back to Syeria and fight for their country. Europe is the place it is ’cause young men and women did not run from the wars of WW1 and WW2.

    Great Britain is a very small landmass with a huge population. We should help but not by increasing our population by too much more. We should help financially.

  3. Is that it, that’s your [empty] response?

    Please explain why it is rubbish. Substantiate why you dismiss my explanation. Or substantiate your message: “She will regret her decision once they have settled and start to take over Germna towns and the Islamic State attacks begin.”

    I look forward to it.

  4. I am interested to hear Diri la Veron’s explanation.
    I would also like to know which alternative media she writes for. ?
    It is certainly an enigma, why so many Muslims want to flee the many lands of Islam and come to the decadent west.?
    Can we believe the mainstream media, when they tell us that there are Pakistanis, Indians and many other nationals other than Syrians, striving to get to the west via refugee camps.?
    Which Arab lands are applauding Angela Merkel for her
    saintly stance? Why don’t they emulate her generosity and care for their brothers in distress.?
    We are certainly NOT getting truthful answers from our mainstream media. It only appears to confuse and disorientate most of us. Is there a deliberate reason for this I wonder.?

  5. ya some of the arms or money ( from western countries and a sunni muslim middle-east country) was given to free syrian army ( to oust bashar a shia ruler) in this army a lot of guys were the ex republican army fanatics( saddam , irak ,displaced by the west). once getting the arms and money from the ant sirya and anti shia groups , they started working as a free agent fro own profit .
    do you really think that they are followers of Islam ??then you should say saddam hussain was a great islamic leader .

  6. Everyone knows that Islamic State fighters are coming to Europe disguised as refugees. What do you think they are here for Diri, a garden party? As any sensible person knows they are here to coordinate attacks on European soil.
    Everybody also knows that Islamic State has but one goal, i.e. to form their own Islamic State and once they have that they will begin attacks on more countries. Saudi Arabia is a prime example.


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