Two men arrested for document forgery in Almuñecar


TWO men, a 39-year-old from Morocco and 27-year-old with dual Dutch/Moroccan nationality, were arrested in Almuñecar and charged with a document forgery crime.

The events took place on August 29, when Local Police found a badly-parked vehicle in the Paseo de Velilla. When officers were filing the official report, they noticed that the car (a Volkswagen Touran), had German number plates which presented a series of irregularities and the vehicle was towed away so authorities could carry out a further inspection.

Local Police then reported that the number plates appeared to have been forged.

The two men were called to the police station and presented a series of documents which police also found out to be counterfeit, according to their report.

The two men are awaiting to appear before a judge.


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