VIOLENT PAST: Toledo has endured many attempts to dominate the city.

TOLEDO was once the capital city of Spain. It is still regarded as the religious capital of the country. Its strong city walls bear testament to the many struggles which have taken place in an attempt to dominate this city. Enter by Bisagra gate – meaning ‘blood gate’ – and you are immediately surrounded by medieval Spain.

Damascene jewellery which originated in Damascus is still produced here by tradesmen whose families have practised the art for generations. Toledo steel products such as knives, swords and jewellery are much sought-after.

The city was the centre of the Spanish Inquisition and is built round a massive and extremely ornate cathedral. The history of Toledo is not without violence and it even played a major role in the Civil War of the 20th century. This part of Spain has endured many wars and battles.


Travelling not too far from Toledo we will visit the town of Consuegra where the Saffron Festival is taking place and is dedicated to this unique spice. This expansive spice is derived from the flowers that grow in the region. A cook-off using this delicate spice, residents wearing traditional clothes and a castle re-enactment, combined with its many windmills provide a wonderful day out for everyone to enjoy.

Nor far from here is another very different city, Aranjuez . There are no city walls here, nor is there a prestigious cathedral. Instead you have sumptuous palaces, reminiscent of the French Palace of Versailles. Fountains, flowerbeds, and broad-leafed trees fill parklands which are encircled by the the River Tajo. For this was the playground of the well-off catholic monarchs of medieval Spain.

These three cities would definitely be on the ‘must-see’ list of any serious traveller in Spain. They are so easy to see with David’s Coachtrips SL. All three are visited on a four-day excursion from Torrevieja. Based in a three-star hotel in the old city of Toledo, B&B and costing only 205€.

All you have to do is call (0034) 966 785 910 or visit our website and you could be on your way. Next dates are four days October 22-25, 2015.


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