Malaga City residents have had enough

Flickr, Astuto Roedor

FOLLOWING what has been deemed a chaotic fair, residents in Malaga City centre have finally had enough of pavements resembling obstacle courses and are threatening to take the matter to court.

In a written complaint delivered to the council’s commerce department, Centro Antiguo residents’ association has demanded that regulations regarding pavement occupation by bars and restaurants are enforced.

The council, the association claims, turns a blind eye to many offenders, leading to pavements taken over by terraces, tables, blackboards and awnings, turning the area into a hostile, charmless place where pedestrians’ rights are of little importance.


The situation, the association complains, is particularly bad in Calles Molina Lario, Angel, Strachan, Plaza del Siglo and Plaza de la Constitucion, where it claims various businesses take over pavements to meet their needs with no licences or authorisation.

Association president Ester Ramirez said: “Businesses do whatever they like with no respect for the number of metres allowed or pedestrian access.”

Ramirez complained that during the recent fair tables and chairs even stopped an ambulance getting close to the scene of an emergency and said that if the council does not take heed, the association intends to take the matter to court.



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