Almuñecar and La Herradura to become shelter town

Trinidad Herrera Lorente on Facebook

MAYOR of Almuñecar, Trinidad Herrera has announced the clear and explicit intention of the town’s local government to provide shelter for Syrian refugees.

“The situation is of great magnitude and the council has the desire to collaborate to the best of its abilities,” she explained.

She said she was to personally contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not only to state the local government’s will to help, but also to determine the steps to follow and the requisites to comply with.


“We have got to proceed with caution as the refugees are suffering a terrible situation and they not only need the basics such as a roof, but also psychological help to reduce the mental consequences that could develop after experiencing armed conflicts,” she continued.

Finally, she added that the council would do its utmost to provide refugees with a normal lifestyle, to make Almuñecar the starting point for a new beginning.




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