20 years for attempted murder of children


A MAN, 51, who tried to poison his two children in Palma, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder.

The events took place in their home in February last year when his wife was sleeping.

He got the two children in his own bed and filled a bowl with hydrochloric acid and bleach which released a gas that could have killed them in a short space of time, especially as he had closed the doors and windows.

He then allegedly got into bed with them.

However, at around 5am, his daughter, who has a schizophrenic disorder and is certified 46 per cent disabled, awoke and finding herself unable to breathe, feeling sick and coughing constantly, took her brother and left the room. Their mother took them outside for fresh air and then sought refuge with a neighbour. Both were admitted to the emergency department at Son Espases Hospital with intoxication from the gas. Both received treatment for three days but had no lasting side-effects.

While he was alone, the man emptied and cleaned the bowl.

He had reportedly been drinking that evening but the court had no doubt that he knew what he was doing.

He had claimed in court that he only did it to seek attention and despite having worked with chemical products for 20 years, said that he was unaware the mixture could have killed them. When Guardia Civil searched the house, they found a note referring to tapes which were in the glove compartment of his car in which he blamed his wife because their daughter had been caught up in a case regarding prostitution of minors.

He has also been sentenced to pay €35,000 in compensation to each of his children and €1,050 to his now ex-wife.

He has been issued with a restraining order which bans him from approaching or communicating with the victims for 30 years.


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