Jihadist girl arrested in Valencia


AN 18-year-old Moroccan girl, identified as REA, was arrested for allegedly recruiting other women to fight for ISIS in Syria, and marched down a Spanish street in Gania, Valencia, by Guardia Civil anti-terrorist officers on Saturday September 5.

The Moroccan girl, who has long been resident in Spain, was taken into custody for her alleged involvement in activities of jihadist terrorism, and clad in full-length Islamic robe and veil was led down the crowded street in Gandia.

Many locals and tourists watched the unfolding events as armed officers stood guard outside the young woman’s door, and other counter terrorism officers wearing balaclavas searched the house and carried away boxes of evidence from inside.


The Police, acting on a warrant issued by the High Court, arrested her on suspicion of using the internet to recruit other women to join ISIS.

The police said that at the time of her arrest, the woman “was making the last preparations for her journey to Syria,” and that the arrest was in conjunction with enquiries that showed, “She spread jihadist ideology on the Internet, justifying terrorist acts and spreading videos that glorified executions of people.

The spokesman also added that, “She had focussed her online activity on recruiting women to go and swell the ranks of Daesh.,” a group which has claimed numerous kidnappings and executions.


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