EU exit camp ease ahead in new poll


A new survey suggests that the majority of Britons now favour leaving the European Union citing concerns over immigration as tipping the balance, according to an opinion poll.

The company Survation for the Mail on Sunday, revealed that if a referendum were to be held now, 51 per cent of UK voters would choose to quit the EU, as opposed to 49 per cent who would vote to remain.

This blow to David Cameron’s ‘Stay in’ campaign has been attributed to the fact that 22 per cent of those who said they would vote to stay in, could in fact change their minds if the migrant situation worsened.

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Amongst other findings in the poll, it showed there was strong support for Cameron’s stance against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the question of Britain taking in a larger number of migrants.

This comes as Germany prepares to receive as many as 10,000 migrants arriving from via Hungary.


  1. It is a shame that imagration is pushing this as there are other very important factors that people should be considering such as cost, bureaucracy, civil rights and regulation. The EU is pulling the UK down and has been for years now, we would do much better without it.

  2. I am not against or for all the immigrants but I wanted to return to the UK to be nearer my children & grandchildren but because of all the immigration I simply cannot afford to rent a decent property


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