British couple arrested at Palma de Mallorca airport after row with teenage son


AN unnamed British couple had a row with their teenage son when he refused to board a coach to the airport so they left him behind!

This happened on September 2 and when they arrived at Palma airport with their three other children and attempted to board the aircraft, they were arrested and the three youngest children were taken into care until the following day when the case was heard.

The judge, Catalina Mulet, when summing up the case said ‘their son was left at the hotel despite the fact that he had no accommodation there and that they hadn’t entrusted his care to an adult or given him the means with which to look after himself’ and sentenced them both to a prison sentence of one year.

Recognising however that should they be made to serve the sentence that all four children would suffer, the sentence was suspended and the family was reunited and allowed to return home.


  1. Comment the judges sentence. YES I agree with him and the teenager should some punishment for putting his parents in this situation. Also as it was suspended they will go home and the teenager will think it was a big laugh and does realise the trouble he caused at the airport and the other passengers on the flight.

  2. This is what you get these days. Ever since the ‘do-gooders’ banned proper punishment for children they think they can do as they please, because no-one can do anything to stop their bad behaviour.


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