Almeria summer in numbers

Flickr by C Wiesenfeld

ALMERIA has had an especially sultry summer this year, with temperatures that have surpassed the average numbers registered in previous seasons.

In fact, temperatures have reached as many as 42.35 degrees this year, according to the most recent data released in the Extreme Value report conducted by the SAIH national meteorological stations.

The beginning of the summer arrived somewhat early, and on June 1 Almeria had already registered 27 degrees, only to register 31 the day after and 34 on June 3. After that, the thermometers did not go anywhere below 30 during the warmest hours. June 29 was the hottest day of the summer with 42.35 degrees and a staggering 30 degrees at 12am. Then on August 3, 42 degrees were registered again, marking the second and last time this year.


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