Tabernas goes Western

Paul on Flickr

A Spanish TV producer is looking for 400 extras to appear in a Western series expected to gain overseas renown, to be filmed between September 21 and October 23 in Tabernas (Almeria).

A casting will take place on Monday, 7 September, in the Sala Gador at the Almeria NH Hotel from 9am to 12pm and between 3pm and 7pm organised by Adecco Audiovisual, in search of all types of individuals, men and women, young and old, making no distinction of race or physical appearance. A basic understanding of English will be a plus for candidates in case they need to make a brief intervention in the recording.

The position entails full time working hours, and to be considered for the post all paperwork must be in order, i.e., DNI, up-to-date NIE, Social Security Number and bank account number.


The casting consists of two facial, and two full body photographs, as well as the completion of a detailed questionnaire.


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