Disaster strikes at Spanish Rally


SIX KILLED and at least 16 others seriously injured after a Rally car ploughed into dozens of spectators during a high-speed race in Spain.

According to sources from the Guardia Civil, amongst the dead are a young girl and a pregnant woman. Initial unconfirmed reports also suggest that another heavily pregnant woman may also have been killed in the crash.

The tragedy occurred when the Peugeot 206 race car – reportedly driven by local driver Sergio Tabeyo – flew of the road in a high speed corner during the Coruna rally in North West Spain, in the district of Carral, at around 8pm Saturday September 5.

The Guardia Civil and emergency services were quickly in attendance, and the injured were taken to local hospitals for treatment, including five children, two slightly injured and three seriously. One of the children with minor injuries has reportedly lost his mother and a sister in the accident.


  1. I can never understand why Rally spectators always stand on the OUTSIDE of a bend. They should be wise enough to know that if the driver loses control that is exactly where the car will go.
    Some people have no common sense whatsoever.


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