Dirty streets, angry residents


LAST Wednesday, September 2, Nueva Andalucia residents took it into their own hands to give their street the treatment that it deserved. They organised themselves into small groups and made a timetable based on their personal availability.      

Residents of the area stated that “the area has never been well looked after, but with summer matters have gotten worse and cleaning duties have been completely neglected.”

After a morning full of hard work, the neighbours had a meeting with Nueva Andalucia Deputy Mayor Manuel Garcia. The mayor told them that there was currently a shortage of staff but that as soon as the works being done on the Jose Banus School had finished, he would solve the problem at hand.

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  1. It’s not just Nueva Andalucia! Many areas outside Marbella, like where we live, have not been cleaned at all. I find the Ayuntamento just does not care so long as the sea front and main tourist areas are clean.
    They don’t give a damn about outlying areas, for apart from the rubbish bin collectors who come now and again we see no-one from the Ayuntamento cleaning the streets. They are extremely lazy and very badly organized.

  2. this place is turning into the UK, slowly but surely…As soon as you let the nasty corporations in the litter problems / ego problems and much more just spiral out of control. Well done Marbella, nice to see where your priorities lie as per usual..

  3. Nueva Andalucia town hall and it has a shortage of staff, this has to be one of the weatly areas of Marbella and the town hall can´t put in staff to clean the streets! It really does bewilder me s to how things function here.


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