All eyes on El Argar

Flickr, Iñigo Terry Gómez de Terreros

EL ARGAR archaeological site (Antas, Almeria), currently the Bronze Age’s prehistoric centre, requires urgent attention due to relevant damage visible on the area’s surface.

Carmen Crespo, Parliament Member of Andalucia’s Popular Party (PP), has asked the Junta de Andalucia’s Head of Culture about their plans to intervene in the restoration and further study of the site.

Crespo emphasised the great importance of the site, currently considered a Place of Cultural Interest, and asked the Junta for help with the restoration of the area insisting on the enormous potential it could have for Almeria.


The total area covers 16,000 square metres and holds a total population of 500 residents. “The discoveries that result from the site’s study could have international impact,” continued Crespo.


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