Two men arrested for stealing from unsuspecting motorists

MOTORWAY: The two men preyed on drivers.

THE GUARDIA CIVIL arrested two men who carried out 20 robberies posing as policemen on Alicante Province roads and motorways.

The investigation began last March when the Guardia Civil received reports that criminals were duping unsuspecting drivers.

They set up false checkpoint controls, then flagged down motorists, dressing the part in official-looking uniforms, sunglasses and false badges.

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Victims were asked for their documentation and told that they were going to be searched for narcotics, at which point the criminals demanded money, wallets and items of value.

On other occasions they preyed on victims who were visiting motorway rest areas and service stations.

The majority were foreigners in unfamiliar surroundings and unaccustomed to Spanish Guardia Civil methods.

The two men, aged 24 and 37 were arrested in Villena and found to be in possession of false registration plates, police uniforms and large quantity of cash.

They face at least 19 counts of theft, forgery of official documents, impersonating the police and for belonging to a criminal organisation.


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