Tax hike as census numbers decline

Mayor Ramirez explains reasons for tax rise.

PROPERTY tax (IBI) in San Fulgencio has risen by more than 20 per cent, said Mayor Carlos Ramirez, who blamed it on the last catastral revision.

The misfortune for residents has been compounded by an increase in the rate which was agreed by the government team last year, and has gone from 0.85 to 0.92, or 7 per cent more.

“The sum of both has made a noticeable increase in bills for the taxpayer this year,” said Ramirez, who recalled that the rise was justified to compensate for a deviation in the budget due to the decline in revenue, which has fallen by €600,000 because the census has gone down by 3,700 residents, from 12,800 to 9,100.



  1. I would imagine the census to have dropped in most Spanish towns as the foreign and Spanish population flee the country, again sitting back and hoping this will change is no good. Changing things that make Spanish towns unattractive for tourists that spend money will stop them from coming ‘e.g. such as not letting cafe bars play music’ just as making it counter cost effective to employ people will make many of these workers leave the country… once again, wakey wakey Spanish politicians!


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