Spain goes fibre-optic in 2020

Flickr by Antonio Tajuelo
Telefonica's building in Madrid.

TELEFONICA has promised to expand the fibre-optic broadband network to all cities or towns above 1,000 residents and guaranteed universal 4G network coverage in 2020, as stated last Thursday in Santander by Luis Miguel Gilperez, Head of Telefonica España.

However, this promise relies on the approval of the project by the National Competition and Markets Commission (CNMC) and on conditions met so that Telefonica is not at a disadvantage with other operators.

Telefonica has estimated a total cost of around €1.4 million for the works to be carried out, going from 14 million homes that currently have access to fibre-optic broadband to a total of 28 million. On top of that, there is an in-house €250 installation fee that new users will have to pay if they want to subscribe.


Gilperez emphasised that “with these unprecedented expansion works, Spain will be the first country to put an end to the geographically-dependant digital divide by having Ultra-Wideband connectivity in all relevant towns and cities and state-of-the-art mobile broadband network for all of its clients.


  1. Roy, Peter does any country have over 90% of their households covered by FTTH? That is what Telefónica is aiming for, actually more than that. I live in the UK and it´s a disgrace the “fibre” we get, in Spain 15 million houses have access to FTTH, not fibre to the cabinet, and they are adding at least two million a year. What country can claim anything like that?

    Pete, you have never been to Spain, your comment shows.

  2. It will never happen, and why 2020? Telefonica are the worst company in Spain.
    They gave Guatamala fibre optics eighteen months ago and also many South American countries where they have invested so much money, so why in their home country do the people have to wait until 2020? Ridiculous.
    The last paragraph is pure rubbish because Spain is way behind most countries in Europe. Even Romania is way ahead of Spain.

  3. Not a chance. Outside of the major cities, Spain is a 3-world country. Telefonica broadband is little better than dialup, so the idea that they’re suddenly going to become some kind of world Telecoms leader is laughable.

  4. Santi:- I live in Spain and I have to say that Telefonica is doing next to nothing in the south. If you want fibre-optics you have to go to companies like Olive Net or recently Vodafone. They are the ones who will install it for you, not Telefonica!


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