Service sector is leading the way

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UNEMPLOYMENT results in Malaga Province seem to confirm the positive trend registered for the past few months.

Unemployment fell in Malaga by 1,026 people in August, a 0.58 per cent reduction if compared with the data registered for July. The total number of Malaga jobless sits at 174,470, according to the data provided by the Employment and Social Security Ministry.

The province has linked seven months of reductions in a row. Year-on-year figures show that there are 10,187 fewer jobless people than during the same month of 2014.

The summer season has resulted in a strong service sector, which has seen an unemployment reduction of 759 people, while the community of unemployed people who had never worked before (especially youths who have been hired for the first time) has been reduced by 803 people. Agriculture and industry has also seen a slight decrease by 85 and 32 people respectively.

On the other hand, the Social Security registries have seen an increase by 669 people.


  1. And how do these numbers revers through September and October, funny that every newspaper publishes that the dole drops but none actually report how it climbs again after the summer season ends, same as self employed… always publish the number of new self employed each month but not the number who shut up shop because they can’t cut it.

    I have said many times and I will say it again, the unemployment problem in Spain will never really change until the labour regulations are changed and it is made ‘a lot’ cheaper and easier to employ people here. I really don’t understand why the government or press do not waken up to this and actually submit to where the issue actually is although in the governments case it is probably because they haven’t the balls to take on the unions!


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