Sad scene on Turkish Bodrum beach


A child’s body was found washed up on the Turkish Bodrum Beach this past Wednesday, September 2.

Like so many before them, the boy, Aylan Kurdi, and his family were looking to escape from the terrors of the war waging on in Kobani (Siria), a country that has been under the reign of terror of the Islamic State for years.

Aylan was found lying on his stomach in the sand, facing the sea he had drowned in, and with him another 12 refugees that had perished trying to reach the Greek island of Kos.

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As stated by his aunt Teema “Aylan was travelling on a boat with his parents and his five-year-old brother. Abdula, my brother, was found unconscious on the sand next to Aylan and immediately taken to hospital. When he phoned me all he said was ‘my wife and two sons are dead’.“

“They tried to seek refuge in Canada, but their request was denied in July,” states Teema, who currently lives there. She continues saying “I did everything in my power to help them come here, and my friends and neighbours helped me all they could. In the end it was all in vein and that is what led them to get on that boat.”

There are currently around two million Syrian refugees in Turkey, and every day 2,000 of them try to reach the Greek islands in small plastic boats.

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  1. This is very sad but it is the fault of the childs parents and the person or people who put the money up to pay for the illegal trafficers boat trip. The only way things like this will stop is to stop these people from coming to EU countries, Austrailia has show the way to do that is send them back, not take them in. All the EU and EU countries are doing by letting these people stay is to help kill more as that is what will happen the more that come here the more that will die, the less that come the less that will die, if we don’t let them stay then less will come! Sorry but that is a fact proven by Austrailia’s handling of the same problem there.

  2. The tragedy of this case is that the father and the family had been living in Turkey for year. He had a job in a bar. They had been refused entry to Canada, so he put his wife and children in a rubber boat and attempted illegally to enter Europe, without giving the children life jackets – or even lemonade bottles strapped to them. And now the children and the wife are dead, due purely to their father’s actions.


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