Prime Minister hints at possible election date

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Prime Minister Rajoy

During a radio interview on September 3, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, after much prompting, conceded that the general election might take place on December 20.

Initially, he would only state that the election would take place sometime between December 13 and 20 but did eventually say ‘the most likely scenario is that there will be elections in Spain on December 20, but then went on to comment that this is ‘the most likely option.’

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There will be difficult decisions ahead for the current government as this is probably the most important election for Spanish Democracy since the death of President Franco. It is possible that for the first time some party other than his People´s Party and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party may be involved in governing the country.

The rise of both Podemos and Ciudadanos raises the distinct prospect of the first genuine coalition in modern Spanish politics and there is the added difficulty of the regional elections in Catalonia due on September 27 which could even lead to a unilateral declaration of independence from the region.

Later in the interview, the prime minister noted that Democratic Spain had a history of being governed by the party with the most votes cast and he could see difficulties ahead if there was to be a deal between – for example – the Socialists and Podemos to obtain power – if PP received the largest percentage of votes as it was ‘not the best way of respecting the will of the citizens.’


  1. I couldn’t wait to see the back end of Zapetero and rejoiced when the PP won the elections but in all honesty I can’t wait to see the back end of Rajoy, this man is a total disaster for Spain, he had a great opportunity to bring Spain forward and he fluffed it! Granted, it wouldn’t have been easy but then he wanted to be prime minister.

    Rajoy has been the most un diplomatic leader Spain has had since Franco, the man is counter political if such an expression actually makes sense. I don’t want to see PSOE win a general election but Spain’s new prime minister needs to have an ‘up to date’ mindset and have an understanding that is beyond third world thinking such as Rajoy has, I honestly think this man has taken Spain back 50 years and I really don’t think Spain can survive much longer with him at the helm, he has taken Spain into the third world. He can’t sort out corruption, he can’t bring Spains legal system in to the 21st century, he can’t sort the biggest problem Spain has ‘that is the unemployment crisis’ because he is not capable take on the unions, he has a personal vendetta against another EU country which is definitely not the way a modern European politician should be thinking… that is the way North Korea and Mexico think, this man needs to go and Spain needs a leader with energy who is modern thinking, clever, up to date with world affairs and local affairs, diplomatic, democratic and has the balls to do the job, someone who can take Spain out of its archaic system of doing things.

    Any country that has a leader who makes a law to stop it’s peoples free speech is no better than a fascist regime, this could only happen today in Spain, China or North Korea!
    Well done Rajoy!


    clearly these do not work in the UK so they are hardly likely to work here. Coalitions are a way for all the parties to make the voter think that the parties all become best buddies….fact is that they are already best buddies in overpaid jobs, you do the maths.

    Nothing more than politics of today trying desparately to wiggle out of being found out as just totally corrupt. Doesnt matter what party you get they are all the same…blame “corporate lobbyists” for this mess as they are pulling the strings.


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