Minister brings great news to Almeria

Flickr by La Moncloa Gobierno de España
FATIMA BAÑEZ: Announced positive forecasts.

EMPLOYMENT Minister of Spain Fatima Bañez visited Almeria on Saturday (August 29) and announced greatly positive forecasts supported by the national government.

According to Ms Bañez, employment in Almeria is to increase at a high speed, even though, she said, August has traditionally not been a good month for employment as many tourism-related contracts are broken after the summer season.

“The most important thing is the upturn we are experiencing, and that Spain is the leading country in recovery figures from across the eurozone, surpassing the average numbers by three, especially in terms of employment,” said the minister when asked by the journalists present, and continued: “The recovery is also being felt in Almeria, as currently it is the fourth province in the whole of Spain where unemployment has decreased the most since the beginning of our term in office. It is a province which generates employment and opportunities.”


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