Major skirmish in Mazarrón leaves woman dead


A FIGHT broke out between two gypsy families in Mazarrón on September 2 which left one woman dead and at least five people injured.

This is the third time that fights have broken out in the area in the past few weeks and whilst the reason for the apparent feud is not yet known, authorities were alerted when shots were heard in Calle Mariano Ruiz.

When emergency services arrived, they found that a woman had been shot dead, four adults and a minor had been stabbed and later one person was found incapacitated, their legs having been run over by a vehicle.


The roll call of emergency services attending included five ambulances from the Murcia Health Service, one Intensive Care Mobile, an emergency military unit from Cartagena, and an emergency ambulance from Mazarrón together with officers from the Mazarrón Local Police and Guardia Civil.

Four people all from the same extended family and consisting of two brothers and a sister together with the wife of one of the men were found to be ‘holed up’ in a local house. A special operations team from the Guardia Civil based in Valencia entered the premises and arrested all four people.



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