Environmentalists criticise roadworks


THE Asociacion de Amigos de los Humedales del Sur de Alicante (AHSA) have criticised Elche Council’s plans to widen the CV-861 road.

This crosses two natural parks and the environmentalists said the scheme will encourage more traffic to use the road and at higher speeds. They pointed out that the road, which passes between the El Hondo lagoons, is already a threat to many internationally-protected species and the native reed beds that are Valencian Community protected wetlands.

The road is already proving to have adverse effects on local fauna, as animals frequently cross the road and subsequently become road kill. AHSA fears that if the new plans go ahead there will be a greater risk to wildlife. It is proposing that instead of widening the road there should be a pathway along the road, speed restrictions put in place and wildlife crossing signs put up to warn motorists.



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