Billboards to be removed from Murcia’s main roads

Flickr by Hazteoir

MORE than 300 advertising billboards will be removed from Murcia’s main roads as they lack a necessary permit to be placed in the municipality.

The initiative has been launched by the Outdoor Advertising Association of Murcia, whose members admitted that the advertising image of Murcia can be greatly improved.

“The sector has let ‘pirate’ billboard owners enter the business, placing them everywhere until the bubble has exploded,” Joaquin Manzanera, head of the association said to Spanish daily La Verdad, who continued: “We want the city to look beautiful.”

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The first places which are to be affected by this action are the roundabouts near Ikea and Ilsa Grosa, where the landscape has been described as a total ‘chaos’ which do not comply with the current regulations.

It is estimated that there are at least 2,000 advertising billboards in Murcia, out of which 300 do not have the necessary licence.


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